This manual doesn’t explain every block in detail. There are many more motion blocks, sound blocks, costume and graphics effects blocks, and so on. You can learn what they all do by experimentation, and also by reading the “help screens” that you can get by right-clicking or control-clicking a block and selecting “help…” from the menu that appears. If you forget what palette (color) a block is, but you remember at least part of its name, type control-F and enter the name in the text block that appears in the palette area.

  • Saving and Loading Projects and Media

    After you’ve created a project, you’ll want to save it, so that you can have access to it the next time you use Snap!. There are several ways to do that. You can save a project on your own computer, or you can save it at the Snap! web site. The advantage of saving on the net is that you have access to your project even if you are using a different computer, or a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. The advantage of saving on your computer is that you have access to the saved project while on an airplane or otherwise not on the net. This is why we have multiple ways to save.