Loading Saved Projects

Once you’ve saved a project, you want to be able to load it back into Snap!. There are two ways to do this:

  1. If you saved the project in Localstore or in your online Snap! account, choose the “Open…” option from the File menu. Choose the “Browser” or “Cloud” button, then select your project from the list in the big text box and click OK. (A third button, “Examples,” lets you choose from example projects that we provide. You can see what each of these projects is about by clicking on it and reading its project notes.)

  2. If you saved the project as an XML file on your computer, choose “Import…” from the File menu. This will give you an ordinary browser file-open window, in which you can navigate to the file as you would in other software. Alternatively, find the XML file on your desktop, and just drag it onto the Snap! window.

The second technique above also allows you to import media (costumes and sounds) into a project. Just choose “Import…” and then select a picture or sound file instead of an XML file.

Snap! can also import projects created in BYOB 3.0, or in Scratch 1.4 or (with some effort; see our web site) 2.0. Almost all such projects work correctly in Snap!, apart from a small number of incompatible blocks. BYOB 3.1 projects that don’t use first class sprites work, too; all BYOB 3.1 projects will work in Snap! 4.1.


  • Building a Block

    The first version of Snap! was called BYOB, for “Build Your Own Blocks.” This was the first and is still the most important capability we added to Scratch. (The name was changed because a few teachers have no sense of humor. ☹ You pick your battles.) The new Scratch 2.0 also has a partial custom block capability.